What is mGroomer?

Software for the Mobile Groomer

mGroomer is built for the Mobile Groomer in mind. mGroomer has all the standard features like Appointment Book, Contact Information and detailed Pet Grooming information which organizes and simplifies your life.

mGroomer provides Mobile Groomer specific benefits, like Client Address Validation, Client Address Mapping and Smart Phone access to your information.

Access your information from Home, Work and the Road

With mGroomer you can access your Client’s information, their Pet’s grooming details and your Appointment Book while you are on the go. You can now add new Clients, Update their Pet information and schedule new appointments no matter where you are.

mGroomer works on your computer and your smart phone

Using the power of the Internet and Mobile Technology you can run mGroomer on your PC (Windows and Mac) and your Smart Phone.

What does mGroomer do?


View any day’s schedule in an easy-to-read format. Add and edit appointments quickly. Track calendars and schedules for multiple groomers.


Use mGroomer to schedule your Appointment with your Client location in mind. Save Fuel, Time and be GREEN! Checkout the Video Demo by clicking here.

Email Notification

Automatically send an email reminder to your clients of an upcoming appointment.

Contact Tracking

Record all information about your clients plus more. In addition to basic contact management, mGroomer tracks Client neighborhoods and mapping information. mGroomer is designed to also track veterinarians and your company employees.


Keep a completely custom list of service descriptions and prices.


Record details about the Pet such as:

  • Pet Name
  • Size
  • Behaviors
  • Grooming Notes
  • Blades used
  • Gender
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Veterinarian
  • Vaccinations
  • and more!

Pet Pictures

Upload pet pictures and view them on your smart Phone and the mGroomer web application.

How does mGroomer work?

Over the Internet

mGroomer is a web based application that can be run on your PC, Mac and smart phone. That means you have access to your data whether you are at home, in the office or on the road. All your data is centrally stored so you can access it over the Internet no matter what PC you use.

Works on the PC

mGroomer is tested to work on Windows Internet Explorer web browser.

Works on Macs also!

mGroomer is tested to work on the Macintosh Safari web browser also. So it runs just fine on your Mac without any additional software. 

What Smart Phones are supported?

In the current release mGroomer supports the Apple iPhone and select Droid phones (Not all Droid phones work with mGroomer. Try your Droid phone out with mGroomer’s Free 30 Day Trial).

What if I don’t have a mobile phone that works with mGroomer?

Don’t worry. You can still take advantage of mGroomer on the Web. There is a special pricing plans for non-mobile phones subscribers.

Does mGroomer work with the iPad?

Yes it does, but the iPad must have Internet access.



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