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Diamond in the Ruff

mGroomer interviews Chuck Rubin, owner of Go Hollywood Mobile Grooming in Los Angeles, California. Chuck shares how he got started and what he is doing to save on fuel costs.

How did you get into grooming?

A good friend of mine had told me I have a very special approach to pets and that I should do something with it. So I went to my groomer at the time and offered to work for free in return for grooming training and I loved it!

What is your background in grooming?

The training at my groomer took a little too long so I went to a grooming school. Other than that I learned from a few groomers along the way and still take part in seminars every chance I get. You can never learn too much and there is always room for improvement!

How did you get into Mobile Grooming?

I never liked staying in one place too long and when I met a friend with a mobile grooming vehicle I loved the idea. I worked for a mobile grooming company for a while and after starting my own family I decided to start my own business.

How many vehicles/groomers do you have?

We have three vans today and we are getting ready for the fourth one in August of this year.

What kind of vehicles do you have?

Since we started we have always purchased Wag’n Tails vehicles. We have bought about eight vans from them so far. They are always improving their products and their customer service is surpassed by no one!

Why does mobile grooming work for you?

I think mobile grooming is a much less stressful environment for the pets. I love the fact that the owner can be there and see what we are doing. We come to the clients which makes it easier to keep the clients on a regular schedule and keep the pets in a good shape.

What are you doing to manage rising fuel cost?

I typically raise my price $5 to cover the hike in gas prices.

What is the funniest story or event that has ever happened to you while mobile grooming?

I have the best clients in the world! They treat their pets as if they were their own kids. I had one client put a towel on the ground so that the dog’s feet wouldn’t touch the grass due to allergies.

What is your favorite breed to groom?

I really love them all. We do have a lot of Labradoodles, they have great disposition and character. Of course cats, they are extraordinary animals!

How is it different being a groomer and running a mobile grooming business?

The biggest difference and challenge, is getting the schedule to be as efficient as possible. Saving time and gas with less driving and more pets and still keeping both the groomer and client happy!

What were some of the challenges you had to overcome in getting your business going?

Like any other business it takes time to build it up. The hardest challenge for me was to find good hard working employees. Thank God we have a great team! Just like basketball, you can’t do it yourself you need a great team to succeed.

Who was one of your mentors and what did you learn from them?

There was a manager in one of my stores that taught me a lot about customer service.

What was one of your worse mistakes?

Not really my own but one of my former groomers who wasn’t aware of the van’s actual height and decided to enter an underground parking lot. It was after she took almost the entire air condition unit off the roof that she backed up and realized it was a bad idea.

Pricing is a big deal in Mobile Grooming. How do you handle pricing for your services?

Pricing is important. I take a lot of pride in my service and my team’s skills, we use high quality products and are responsible and reliable so we price among the highest.

What is one of your best techniques to get clients?

The first couple of years I tried almost everything in marketing. I found that for our level of clientele the best is internet, networking and lots of charity events that are also good for the soul.

Why did you sign up for mGroomer?

I was looking for a new data base program. I loved the fact that mGroomer works with Google and Bing map and it really helps for mobile. I love the customer service and the continuing improvement by the mGroomer team. They are very patient and listen to the client’s needs and are always on top of it. A real pleasure to work with.

How has mGroomer helped your business?

mGroomer has helped me expand my company with other pet stylists. I am able to keep track of all the daily appointments right from my computer or iPhone. It’s wonderful!

I can talk all day about mGroomer, they have the best customer service. I have this story to prove it: We have forgotten our password and had tried to log in. After a few failed tries the program had locked us out. About five minutes later I got an email from mGroomer support, checking if everything is ok and if we needed help. Where else can you get this kind of support these days?

What would you tell other Mobile Groomer’s about mGroomer?

I think mGroomer has come a long way since we started the beta testing and is getting better every day. I love it!! I recommend it to any mobile groomer out there. To be the best you need to work with the best!!

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