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mGroomer Customer - Long Island Pet Mobile

mGroomer interviewed Marc Lichtenstein, owner of Long Island Pet Mobile in New York and mGroomer customer.

Marc, what is your background?

I was the Vice President of the United States Bordeaux Corporation, and was actively involved in breeding and showing the Dogue De Bordeaux, pre AKC. I also have a professional background in sales and marketing and have a passion for animals.

How did you get into Mobile Grooming?

I knew there was a demand for Mobile Groomers here and found out a mutual friend owned a franchise here on Long Island, New York. He helped me get set up based on what worked and what didn’t work for his business. I purchased a van, hired groomers, put together a killer marketing campaign and haven’t looked back.

What was one of your best techniques or approach you have done to get clients?

Heavy online marketing and asking every client for a referral.

What are you doing to manage rising fuel cost?

We are going to start charging an $8 fuel fee when the weather gets warmer, or the client can let us plug in to two outlets at their home. This is due to the A/C on the van running in the hot months and burning a gallon an hour at $4 a gallon. Other than that we are turning away single grooms outside of our radius to cut down on travel and fuel consumption.

How many vehicles/groomers do you have?

I have one van and two groomers. The groomers on my staff are certified from the New York School of Dog Grooming in New York City and Boces on Long Island.

What kind of vehicles do you have?

2008 Wag’n Tails Pet Pro.

What were some of the challenges you had to overcome in getting your business going?

Finding groomers who not only are great at their craft, but also professional in dealing with clients face to face has been a challenge.

Another challenge is turning away certain types of customers due to the dog’s size and location of their home. We only see clients we know will be under 2 hours per groom and are located within our 15 mile radius.

Pricing is a big deal in Mobile Grooming. How do you handle pricing for your services?

We only offer discounts for multi pet households. Mobile should be $15-20 more expensive than a salon, and we use that as our pricing guideline.

Why did you sign up for mGroomer?

I liked the functionality and ability to use my iPhone to do my business on the go.

How has mGroomer helped your business?

mGroomer has made booking and scheduling easy, as well as the ability to run all sorts of reports based on my search criteria.

What would you tell other Mobile Groomer’s about mGroomer?

I would tell them that mGroomer leveraged technology and brought mobile pet grooming database technology into the 21st century.

What is your favorite feature of mGroomer?

My favorite feature is having support available anytime I have a question, suggestion or issue. The software is so user friendly that I don’t have a favorite feature. It’s just a great product for this industry.

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